Enterprise resource planning is a significant investment – and we want to make it work for your business. Our goal is to ensure your investment pays off by providing you with reliable systems and solutions to power your productivity. At aito, we’re not simply Oracle suppliers, we’re trusted partners in your business.

With 50+ implementations across a broad range of industries, aito is a dominant player in the North-American ERP market, consistently ranked top in our field by Oracle and Andersen Consultants.

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We’ll find the best route forward. Our teams are hand-picked for each project based on their industry knowledge and expertise. As a result, we deliver an in-depth understanding of your competitive landscape, and a wealth of experience to help guide you through your toughest challenges.


Our Partners


An information technology leader with 35 years of experience working at companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. Dave is an early adopter of technology and leads the technology practice at aito helping customers install and configure JD Edwards and other Oracle products including Oracle DB, Oracle Web Logic and Oracle SOA. Dave enjoys helping the customer choose, implement, and install the infrastructure required for all kinds of businesses and industries.


A Project Manager (PMP) with over 20 years of progressive consulting experience in various industries implementing ERP solutions. Dave's business knowledge includes Financial, Property and Asset Management, Distribution, Equipment Asset Management, and Treasury functions. Experience in numerous different project roles and detailed understanding of the systems and processes, provide the background necessary to deliver project results and accurate, relevant feedback of project performance. Dave is a goal-oriented leader with a proven track record of completing large complex (mutli-country, multi-company) IT projects on time and on budget.


A proven leader with extensive system implementation and integration experience. Brian started his consulting career helping JD Edwards build their Real Estate module. Since then he has spent over 20 years consulting on ERP projects from small family owned companies to large multi-national implementations. Brian currently manages the development team at aito where his focus is staying on top of emerging technologies to ensure the technology team is using the best tools available.